Monday, May 11, 2009

Mike's A license jump!!!


So I got to do like half of Michael's coach jumps, and got to do his 25th ... and thanks to Rick (who gave mike a little tip) I got to go for a little ride and then I took Mike for a little ride too... (sorry Jason, I know we're not supposed to goof off until jump 26... but i swear i didnt tell him to hold onto me... i'm blaming rick for that one!)

Awesome job!
Congrats Michael... you know how proud I am... this rocks... we're gonna have such a good time now that you have your license! This is only the BEGINNING...

dude... sooooo funny... jason and I totally struck a pose behind jim sleeping!! haha
*** UPDATE*** oh i forgot to say... this was a wkd of firsts... mike's first casa jump, my first camera helmet jump, and first time with our new camper! they all rocked! i'll post some more video from some jumps this wkd, and hopefully get some pics of our awesome camper! dude... skydiving rocks!! (and YES... we brought BEER for all those!)

Another one of mike's videos: