Sunday, August 26, 2007

CTLX...Zombie Apocalypse

So this weekend.. was my last big hoorah before classes start tomorrow... So I went up to Connecticut for the Connecticut Lindy Exchange =) it was called Zombie Apocalypse.. dance till you drop dead. .then dance some more... and thats exactly what we did! Left for CT friday afternoon, got there at 9pm checked into the hotel then was at the dance by 930, danced till midnite.... went to the local diner... actually skipped friday nites late nite 1am-5am dance because I thought i'd be skydiving saturday morning at my old DZ.. but when I woke up it was raining =( so instead I slept in.. then went to the afternoon dance which was a blast.. at a cool venue called Vinnie's Jump and Jive, then took a break for dinner before the evening dance.. followed by a quick coffee break at a diner before the late nite dance... would have stay till 5am.. but someone got a little tired (wont mention names though * cough*) so ended up leaving about 230ish...
but all in all.. some great dancing... so that was my last big wkd before classes start tomorrow.. well at least thats what i'm countin on.. hopefully it wont be too bad and i'll actually be able to have fun on wkds still... we'll see though..

Heres me takin a break from the afternoon dance at Vinnie's =)

Monday, August 6, 2007

I won a Jack n Jill

So according to swingout DC.. I won first place in the novice Jack and Jill =) yay! Still not the greatest accomplishment with only 3 couples in the whole thing.. but still happy =)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Swing Fling Jack n Jill...

Ok, so i'm sure most of you think i've fallen off the face of the earth because I pretty much havent returned a phone call or email since I arrived in DC about 2 weeks ago, but I swear i've been super busy trying to figure out this damn city. I've only gotten in my car once, luckily the metro can get me around (but its beginning to add up). My place is starting to come together, i'll post a video walkthru of it later in the week when I get some more free time. But anyways, yeah, i've been super busy getting settled and being orientated at work.. and more orientation starts tomorrow. I'll tell ya one thing, they sure have scared the be-jesus out of all of us with the thesis talk, i've already scrapped the one idea i've been working on for the past 6 months and am starting from scratch, so i've been stressed to say the least.
Dancing has been ok, not the scene i'm used to out in the Bay area.. (sure do miss you guys lots!) but the dancing I am gettin in is keeping me from going insane. I was able to do a jack and jill competition on friday. I entered in the novice category and soon learned I most definitely should have been in the advanced category at this venue. My partner only knew three moves, three swing out variations, so dont know what place we got out of the 3 lousy couples in the novice category, but it doesnt really matter.. next time i'll know better.
Hopefully this week i'll have more time to catch back up with everyone, Thanks to the few of you who called me on my birthday on Saturday, you have no idea how much I needed those smiles!