Wednesday, June 25, 2008

20s Night at Jam Cellar


(above) Me and Glenn
(Above) me and trace

Last nite was 20s nite at JC.. a good group of folks showed up all dressed up. I didn't have a flapper girl outfit.. but I tried. It was fun... gotta love dancing and looking vintage =)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

1st Place Medal at VPC!!

(Above) Jeb (video), JennR8R (point), Tim (outside center), Me (tail), Jens (inside center) : "Spare Parts"

This weekend rocked! My team (pictured above) put together by Jenn, (thank you Jen for all the hard work finding teammates!), competed in the Virginia Parachute Council (VPC) 4-way meet this Saturday. We got off to a slow start, but after we got goin.. they couldn't stop us. We ended up winning FIRST PLACE! not to shabby for it being the first time we jumped together as a team.
With Tim and Jens, 4-way experience and Jen and I's eagerness to do well, we did quite well. I actually did not fly like I normally do and thought I might have ruined it for the team.. luckily my mess-ups did not do us in.
For all my nonskydiving friends.. the scores below represent the number of correct formations we did each round in 35 seconds from the time we jumped from the plane...
Stay tuned for possible video.. Jeb is burning a dvd of our jumps.. hopefully I can upload it.
AND.. my new canopy flew great.. by the end of the day, my landings were awesome...=)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mama and Sammy came to visit!

So this week, my Mom and my nephew Sammy came to visit from Ohio! Sammy is quite a handful... who woulda thought.. a Tongol having lots of energy.. hehe definitely my nephew!
We had lots of fun. I cant believe I didnt get one picture of me and Mama.. oh well..
Here's one of Sammy giving his Auntie Kelly a kiss =) He can't quite say my name.. but its close

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SKYFEST!! Finally got my 300th Jump!

So this past weekend, JennR8R and I drove down to South Carolina for SKYFEST. It was awesome! besides the ridiculous heat of over 100 degrees every day, I did get in my 300th jump on Saturday! I kept it small, it was a 6-way, with Jody, Mike, Paul, Bill, Jenn and Me, (my zhills bomb-squad peeps, +Jenn) and of course they decided to mess with me, after we finished our planned dive, Mike chased me and deployed me at 6000 freakin feet, I didnt land until AFTER the load that took off AFTER us, so yeah, I was up there for a long damn time.
I also was able to demo the Spectre 150 canopy for almost all my jumps on Saturday, and fell in love with it, the good news was that they were auctioning off a practically brand new Spectre 150 that nite.. and I wanted it... thanks to Jody.. I got it =) and thanks to Steve, it's now in my Rig. =)
So.. all in all, a great weekend of jumping, and seeing old friends.. meeting new ones.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Me, Tracy, Stace, Irma
Me =)
Stace and Irma

So the girls went and saw the movie!.. we decked out SATC style getting all sexy and in heels to see the movie... as you can see =) and it was AWESOME!!!
I wont spoil the movie for you guys that havent seen it, but it rocked =)

Me and Alex
Tracey, Steph and Me

BIX 2008!

Above: Bella and I blues dancing at Copley Square
Above: Alex and I walkin around Downtown Boston,
Above: James and I in a Quincy Market pub.

Memorial Day Weekend.... A big group of us went up to Boston for the 2nd Boston Independence Exchange It was 5 days of NONSTOP dancing. It was a lot of fun. I got a lot of blues dancing in, which I love, and also some great LINDY, so all in all, a great weekend. Met and made some awesome friends... Bella, Sanna, Raj, Andy, Mike, and too many more to keep listing...
Funny story.. on thursday nite, in the middle of dancing, I glance over at the door and see someone walk in, and I take a 2nd look, and I'm like "OMG" James! It was James Miller.. an old friend from the Coast Guard Academy. I hadn't seen James in 5 years! He and I were in Hotel Company together... the good ol' days.. argh! =)
Anyways.. it was a blast.. here are some pics...

and heres a really bad video from my phone of Raj and I doing a pancake.. only having tried 2 prep attempts.. not too shabby if you ask me =)