Friday, January 30, 2009

Pre-launch of POWER

So last nite was our "preview" of POWER at VIDA. Juliet, Ed and I were the team taught at Metropole. It was a lot of fun. We had cute little outfits (i'll get a better picture on tuesday from the big launch). But the class was great, full class! and we had lots of fun!

More to come on TUESDAY when the BIG LAUNCH happens!!

POWER is coming....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

TCO at Glen Echo....24JAN09

So last nite was a typical Saturday Nite for the local DC lindy hoppers. Tom Cunningham Orchestra rockin it out at the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo. As always, good times. Here's some videos, Charlie and I just goofin off =) and Ben and I for some reason went into the jam and here's what we ended up doing... a little silly entrance but hey... we got some laughs!

BEN and I...

CHARLIE and I....


(ABOVE- Jerry, Me, Ben)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Prize...

Soooooo, tonite's Jam Cellar Dance was a Black and White Ball. Everyone came all dressed up in their finest. The JC crew decided to have a Jack and Jill comp for the special nite. I entered because I figured what the hey, and the Prize was a WHITE CHOCOLATE replica of the Capitol!! I SO wanted it....
Luck was on my side tonite, because I randomly drew Doug, which of course gave us a LIL bit of an advantage than the other 6 couples, Lily and Kevin gave us a good run for our money though!.

Result: WE WON! =) and I, of course, fought Doug for the chocolate hehe.

Just got these emailed to me from last nite... Jerry and I, and Doug and I, before the dancing begun...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pics from Squeak...

(ABOVE- Ben and Me doing a cheesy dance move which is why we're laughing)
(ABOVE- Ben and Me exiting the Jam Circle)

(ABOVE- Dave and I...Swinging Out!)


So, Jennr8r brings Squeak and Mrs. Squeak out to Glen Echo last Saturday for the dance. Squeak is a skydiver from Australia, who Jenn and I know from, and no, we still dont know his actual name, he just says ... call me Squeak. Squeak and Mrs. Squeak were good sports, they watched, they danced, had a good time, and Squeak was nice enough to take pictures =). Which I thought was cool, because I hardly ever get pictures of me dancing. He mostly took pics of me dancing with Ben and Dave.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Pictures...

Ok, so another pic from a while back (not a hundred years, but about 23yrs ago) this is me when I was 4 years old...

Someone mentioned baby pictures to me the other day and I thought it'd be fun to share. This is one of my favorite pics from when I was little =) watcha think? I look the same??

Anyone else wanna share? email me and i'll post it up... hehe

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

100 Year Old Pic... Gust Family Heritage..

WOW (CLICK PICTURE TO SEE FULL SIZE)- My mother forwarded me an email tonite with this wonderful picture attached. She received and email from her second cousin. My Mom's side of the Family is the Gust Family (her maiden name). The child in the center standing up is my GREAT Grandfather!! How cool is that?!?! This picture is believed to have been taken in 1906.

I think it's so cool to see pictures and hear stories like this...
Below is the text of the email from Cousin Roland... it has all details the Gust Family knows of this picture...

""Attached is a copy of a 16 in.x 20 of Matt and Hilma Gust and their four children in the front yard of their home in White Cloud,Michigan. From left to right are:Ingrid Sophia Gust (often spelled or misspelled as Ingred, who adopted her mother's first name, Hilma as her own preferred middle name sometime during her school days, Matt Leander Gust (formerly known as Gustaffson until he had his name changed while living in White Cloud Anders Victor Gust (who was called Victor A, Gust from an early age),Hilma (nee Mattson) Gust and Myrtle Eleanor Gust. Garford William Gust sits on stool front and center. I believe the name shortening to Gust was done officially and legally, but the other changes were probably just personal preferences that the individuals adopted. My mother didn't like the name "Sophia" so she went by Ingrid H(ilma) Gust. On her birth certificate copy the middle initial is S, and her brother, Vic, occasionally would tease her in their senior years by calling her "Ingid Sophia" which annoyed her mildly.

There is no date on the original but I judge that it must have been taken about 1906 in the summer or early fall, based on my opinion that Garford (Garf) looks about three years old. He was born July 29th 1903. If 1906 is the correct year, then Ingrid would have been nine years old; Matt,about forty-six; Victor about twelve years old; Hilma about thirty-eight yrs. old; Myrtle, about ten years old. I'll check some other records at a later date and let you know if these need correction. In any case, they must be very close to the actual ages at that time. Another sibling, Elvira Gust, who died in infancy had been born in 1893 and would have been about thirteen years old had she lived to be included in this photo. I have a portrait of her as she looked when about one to one and a half yrs. old.

As seems to be the style for formal portraits in those years, everyone is supposed to look serious. Too bad that we could not have seen them smiling. Of course, the process took quite a bit of time and multiple exposures, so the subjects may have just the serious look the photographer was seeking. For some like Myrtle they were on the edge or just past the stage of grumpiness. My mother told me that our grandfather had this house constructed and it was the birthsite of all five of the Gust children in an upstairs front bedroom. I think the name of the street is Charles St., White Cloud, on the SW side of the intersection of M-37 (which runs north/south) and Charles which runs east/west. I don't remember the house number but I believe it was about two houses in (east) from the intersection corner. I don't know how long the family lived there, but the house was razed for a parking lot about twenty or so years ago,long after the family had moved to the hotel on Wilson Ave. (White Cloud's main street) or the four children had left White Cloud after graduation from old White Cloud High School.The lots remain vacant as of 2008. I have no information on when Matt Gust sold the house nor to whom it was sold. The old archives in White Cloud probably has that on

My mother Ingrid, and our aunt Myrtle were separated in age by only 13 months. Myrtle should have graduated from high school in 1915 but she had missed a year of school early in childhood due to "spinal meningitis". When she had recovered, she ended up in the same class with Ingrid and they graduated together in 1916 from White Cloud High. Almost like twins, they remained close throughout their long lives,

Matt, we believe, had a brother, Anders, the Swede/Finn name equivalent of Andrew, who had come to the USA from Finland earlier than 1881, the year of Matt's passport. We hear that he had settled in Wisconsin or Minnesota where he was a successful farmer. Victor A. Gust, Sr. as Matt's elder son was known through most of his life apparently chose to be called Vic rather than Andrew or Andy at some early age. Victor or Vic is the name that his childhood friends always used in referring to him when I interviewed a number of them in later years. The quality of the original of this picture came into my possession unframed and with some damage from light, water, abrasions, and some edge tears. I believe Shirley had it from her mother and then gave it to me after Myrtle's death. I only flattened it, photographed it, did some minor coverups which did not include any of the faces. No doubt further professional restoration could improve this old image.

I wanted to share this antique as it is now so that our family can enjoy it. I wanted to send it before Christmas but was sidelined by a cold and snowbound for three days just before the holiday.
Please transmit to any and all the Gusts on your group list together with my love and warmest best wishes to all for a Happy New Year.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Look out... Coach Kelly has arrived =)

ABOVE- The Coach Course- 5 of us took the course (and the rest in the picture are the awesome instructors who played students and taught us)
So... I am Officially a rated SKYDIVING COACH! yay! I'm so happy. I passed the course, learned a lot and had a blast. I thought the wind was going to get the better of me and stop me from getting my rating, but I waited it out and was able to get my eval jumps in.
So watch out everyone... here I come =)
(seriously though... can't wait to get out there and do some coaching to students!)
Next goal.... AFF instructor rating!