Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zhills update...

(ABOVE- Jane found this pic of me on laszlo's website and got it for me!! thanks jane you rok!)
(ABOVE- a gang of skydivers at the local mexican restaurant one nite for dinner)

So... 4 days into my trip and 19 skydives later. Good stuff. It's been an awesome 4 days so far, hanging out with old friends, meeting new ones, making some really awesome skydives. Even with the sadness of losing our good friend Debbie, everyone is still in good spirits and doing what she would have wanted us to do... enjoy the boogie. Of course she and her family and all of her friends are in our prayers.
... in this sport long enough... you'll be on the dz when an accident happens... it sucks... but at least we all support each other and are there for each other.
Blue Skies Debbie.. Muff Muff...

... now off to the tunnel tonite for some training then right back at it tomorrow morning.

(Hope everyone down at Lindy Focus is having a blast, I'm sure you are, and probably dancing as much as I'm jumping... i'll see you guys at ccb on the 5th though)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Zhills....

This morning JennR8R and I got up at 4am and went to the airport... by 11am I was at zhills. Sadly the entire afternoon was overcast... but I met some awesome new friends to keep me company all afternoon. Joe and his pet sugar gliders, above is me and gizmo. He has two, stripe and gizmo. I have to say I think I may have found my next pet...
But after an afternoon of gizmo sleeping on my arm. The clouds cleared and I got two really fun jumps in... not too shabby for Christmas =)
I'm happy.. .off to Christmas dinner at the dz... stayed tuned for more updates throughout the week ...

Monday, December 22, 2008

VIDA Holiday Party

UPDATE- Lauren emailed me some pics!!
ABOVE- Lauren, Me, Catherine
ABOVE- Alyssa, Lauren, me

ABOVE- Angelica, Jessica, Me, Mark
ABOVE- Jessica, Me
So this past weekend was the VIDA holiday party. It was a lot of fun, it was at TOWN night club, i'm not really into clubs, but the company of the VIDA gang was good that nite. These are fellow cycle instructors in the pics above... I'll have more pics once I get them from Lauren, then you can see the entire fitness gang, lol.
I really like everyone at VIDA... working there is so awesome!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Office Holiday Party at Topolino's

Dec 10th, My directorate went to Topolino's for a Holiday Office Party. It was a lot of fun. Marie planned a great event. I helped some with the secret Santa. We all had a great time! Yay for Morale!
I was going to post the picture of the whole group, but then realized everyone prolly doesnt want to be on my blog... so instead you just get me and Marie =)
and thanks Mike... you didnt have to give me back the best Secret Santa gift. (Mike gave me back the Eggnog liquer gift at the end of the game, even though he stole it fair and square... just to be nice because i've edited some papers for him... way too nice of him to do that!)
Topolino's is a pretty good restaurant too!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Videos from Monday nite CCB..

So here are two quick videos of me doing some social Lindy dancing. I know a lot of my friends are non dancers and are wondering what I do several nites a week... well this is pretty much what I do... These are both medium tempo songs... so not super exciting or anything, but still a lot of fun... I'm the one in the suspenders =) THANKS ABA for the AWESOME DJ-ing!

(Above: Doug and I)
(Below: Bob and I)

Friday, December 5, 2008

My favorite sandwich....

Yes... I LOVE this sandwhich so much that I took a damn picture of it! Every time I go home to Ohio I make sure of stopping at W.G. Grinders to have my favorite lunch in the entire world. Grinders has been my favorite sandwich place since I was in High School. I miss it like crazy since they aren't here =( But anyways.... Mom and I went last Saturday, I got my regular order... Club Grinder (minus honey mustard and dressing, extra mayo). OMG, i'm drooling and my stomach is hungry now just thinking about it! If you've never been there... you seriously have no idea what you're missing.