Monday, March 31, 2008

Performance.. Take 3

Ok.. so thanks to Jeff.. we FINALLY have a decent video of the performance.. good job jeff.. you got all of us in the frame and it looks great.. best video out of all of them =)
This was taken on 14MAR08

Sunday, March 30, 2008

BTP Pics

Becca, Me, Steph, Jeff, and Jeff
Steph, Me, Becca, Dougie
So this is before the Int. Jack and Jill.. Doug and I both made finals... but sadly we had to leave Sunday morning before the finals... we really thought they would do everything Saturday... sucks that we had to get back so early on Sunday... (damn school work) but the good news is, I had a horrible third partner in the pre-lims but still managed to make finals, so I must have done something right =) next year we'll stay the whole time.
Had a blast!! now time to work hard for 4 days then have a blast at DCLX!

Thanks to Jeff for the pics!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm at Tea Party!

yay! I made it to Boston! (well danvers, actually)
Well, I'm HERE
now time to nap and get ready for NITE 1= 9pm-3am dancing!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Ok.. all I have to say is IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!
most of you that know me know that I absolutely LOVE the show SEX IN THE CITY! I own the big box set and I can tell you about almost any episode.
So when my friend Carrie sent me the link that the MOVIE is coming out, I was estatic!! OMG!!!

30 MAY- PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDER GIRLS... IT'S GIRL's NITE OUT!!! SATC style... Let's put on the dresses, makeup and high heels (yes I actually own a pair for rare occasions)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Motivation to finish my thesis...

Ok, so most of you know that the reason I havent been able to skydive (despite the winter weather) is because of grad school and my thesis. Jenn invited me this past weekend to go to a boogie with her the first week of June, so of course my mind got all excited about jumpin again, I do miss it a lot, and while dancing has become my other favorite hobby, it will never be enough to push skydiving aside... so I can't wait until I have time to jump again..
with that said..
here's a video of my first helo jump... if I get my thesis done, I will hopefully have another one of these to show after Jen and I go to the boogie. (the helo jumps are fun.. but RW flying will always be my favorite!)

How cute is that...?!?!?!

ANDRE is so cute!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Performance.. Take 2

Last Nite at Glen Echo, The Jam Cellar Performance class took another shot at performing. A little bit bigger of a space, and a little more time for us to remember the routine. It was a lot better than the first time. Though Doug and I got stuck in the back row and the front row didn't stagger that well, so the video is mostly of the couple in front of us =( BUT Tracy used her camera and got video too.. so maybe hers turned out better than this. You can see me because I'm the one with the knee brace on my leg, so I'm easy to spot. Doug has on a spiffy vest and looks quite lindyish =)

To TOP this off, my favorite skydiving chica (the infamous JennR8R, pic of us shown above), showed up unannounced and TOTALLY surprised me by being there. I was SO surprised and happy when I saw her. Hands down to Jenn for not emailing me back when I sent out the email about the event, and I feel so honored because she gave up going to one of the most important skydiving days of the year (safety day) to come see the performance (my fellow skydivers are probably the only ones that understand how big a thing it is to give up a day going to the DZ). Love you Jenn. You rock!
Anyways.. heres the video.. *UPDATE- Tracy's camera footage HERE (a little different angle)...
UPDATE number2.. another video was found.. a little better quality and angle click here.
Next Friday we are performing it one LAST time and there will be only one row of couples so take 3 may actually be the best video we get... tune in for take 3 later this week..