Saturday, August 30, 2008

I learned to Sit...

Ok, So I know I'm strictly a Belly Fly only girl... But for some reason this wkd I let McDuck take me for some sit instruction...

and here's the video of my 3rd attempt ever at sitflying... not bad not bad...

But no worries, i'm not switching over to the darkside...

Friday, August 29, 2008


23AUG08 Spare Parts VPC meet....
check out our jumps... not too great, but not piss poor either

Now all you dancers who are always asking me what I do when I skydive... now you can see...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a WKD... VPC and ILHC all in one wkd

(Above- Jens-outside center, Jenn-point, Me- tail, Lynn- inside center and Tre-video)
(Above- Jump 4 of the day... launching a round)
(Above- I believe this was jump 3...)

So this wkd was RIDICULOUS insanely busy and FUN. It started off Thursday Nite where my friend Bromley flew in from Cali. I picked him up at the airport and we headed off to Ozio where the pre-ILHC party kickoff was. We danced till midnite and it was awesome! Friday at work was a little rough, but I made it through, went straight to teaching my gym class (bromley actually took my class hehe) then we got ready for ILHC fun to start. We met a group of dancers at a Thai place in Crystal city... then danced the nite away. I left at 1215 because I had to get up at 0515 saturday morning to make it to my skydiving meet....
Which I did... I got up and drove the 2+ hours to Skydive The Point where I competed in another VPC 4way meet. Our team (named "Spare Parts" by Jenn) had a lot of fun. We started off kinda on the wrong foot as our first attempt at jump #1 of the day turned out to be an expensive plane ride with no jumping as we had to ride the plane down due to cloud cover over the DZ... that sucked! So we waited the weather out and eventually got 4 jumps in. So Spare Parts did not get first (like last time) BUT we got the bronze... which is better than nothing! So after the awards at the DZ I jumped in my car, drove the 2hrs home, drank the 5th energy drink of the day and headed back to ILHC... where I stayed until 515am.
Eventually I got to bed on Sunday Morning about 630am (after taking brom to the train station)... I finally got some sleep and after waking up... um yeah.. I was back at ILHC at about 230pm and stayed until 930 dancing...
WHEW! what a wkd!!!
craziness... but in a good way. I'm sad to say I don't have any pics from ILHC =( but lets just say the dancing was amazing!
I'll post the skydiving video if I can get a copy =)
ok... time for bed....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

COVER girl!! =)

So there it is! Aug 2008 issue of The Bulletin! Thank you Tara, (editor of the Mag) for all the work to get it on the cover. The Q&A article was great too!

Yesterday, I walk into work and a few people are like, "Great Cover Shot!" and my response was "Um, it's out?" Apparently it got delivered to most folks this weekend and I hadn't gotten mine yet so I hadn't even seen it. But it was cool to have a bunch of folks notice it and then say something to me at HQ.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

9-way pics into a video

(Above- 9-way belly formation on 16 AUG 08) CLICK TO ENLARGE! then you can actually see it!

So This wkd, I got in 3 jumps, an awesome 5-way, a 9-way (above and video below) and an 8-way. All in all a good wkd of jumping... cut short again by bad weather =(
Notice me geekin the camera in the pic above (top left black and teal suit, blue helmet, hehe)

So I couldn't get the video, only the pics... so I just made a quick video rotating through the stills to make it look as close as I could to the video... check it out... =)
Thanks to all those in the jump, it was awesome! and the clouds in this jump were freakin amazing to fly around; omg, can't even describe how awesome it was to track away from this formation before opening!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pentagon Row Lindy Bomb

(Above- Steph and Me)
(Above- The whole gang, Carolyne, Steph, Jerry, Doug, Me, Beth, Michelle, Toby)
(Above- Beth and I being silly and showing off our guns.. hehe)

So thursday nite, The Joker's Wild, a local swing band played outdoors at Pentagon Row.. so of course us local Lindy Hoppers had to organize to be there and Lindy Bomb. Besides the pain and difficulty of dancing on concrete, we did, bc we love dancing... It was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ohio State Fair...

That's my brother John and his son Sammy (notice any family resemblance?!) at the Ohio State fair... soooooo cute!! I love you guys! John and I have the same birthday (yes, 2 years apart same day); we used to celebrate by going to the Ohio State Fair (the best state fair!) but I've missed the fair for many years since I haven't lived there... at least John and Sammy and my parents had a great time!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Camp Hollywood!

(above- Doug and Me)
(Above- Charlie and I at dinner)
(Above- Doug, Sanna, Charlie at dinner)
(Above- Jamie, Rajeev, and Me)

Just got back from Camp Hollywood! It was great, the dancers were ridiculous, crazy amounts of good dancers everywhere. I got to see lots of my friends from San Fran (Orhan, Grace, Jeff, Arnold..) It was great to see everyone!
The competitions were so incredible to watch! While I didn't do that hot in the Jack n Jill, it's all good, (I ended up 21 of 58) oh well.. not bad considering it was the first real dancing i've done since I hurt my back... maybe I can redeem myself at ILHC...
There are more pictures on other peoples camera's... so hopefully I get those and can post them.
The gang did some sight seeing. Went to the Tar pits! and saw Ryan Seacrest in his Bentley Convertible driving right next to us (in Charlies Mustang convertible hehe) so that was funny. And of course made it to the beach and ate at In and Out. Other than that.. 4 straight nites of dancing till 4am (which means I was up till 7am east coast time).. so yeah.. I'm EXHAUSTED... I know I know.. Kelly actually is tired... BUT with that said.. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!! Sooooo... damnit.. I'm going to CCB because I want to dance.. what else is there to do on my birthday??
and to top it all off.. I start my brand new job in the morning... should be interesting...