Monday, March 30, 2009

Boston Tea Party 2009

(ABOVE- Mike and I)

So this past weekend I was in Danvers, MA for BOSTON TEA PARTY. Just like last year, it was a lot of fun. The competitions were great, honestly the Jack and Jill Crossover was one of the funniest things I've ever seen... watching it was seriously a good time.

Sadly, I didn't get as many pictures as last year =( Also, sadly, while last year I made finals in the jack and jill, this year I did not... oh well... not too disappointed bec I actually thought I danced well. so no biggie. I'll definitely be back again next year...

I took the Solo Jazz routine class with Andy and Nina and really enjoyed it, and realized I really do need to squeeze a Jazz class in to improve my dancing (and its fun!).
Mike came up from Rhode Island and took a few classes himself.
All in all, the DC representation was awesome, there were DC folks everywhere.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Cousin Becca...

So this is my younger cousin Becca... singing at her Senior Nite..

gosh Becca I remember when we were all running around in our little swim suits as babies in Michigan... and now you're graduating high school... crazy!
Awesome! You rock!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Awesome weekend...

ABOVE- Jason's 3000's!!
BELOW- the FJC students (and Jason who taught the course next to Mike......aww... Mike standin out in his bright CG shirt! ;)


Did 7 jumps on saturday! it was cold as crap, my hands went numb twice! but it was still awesome..

oh and Mike did his Cat A and Cat B!!! he rocked it, freakin awesome... i hear a new skydiver in our midst... =) yep... he's stuck with us (and me... ) forever now!

and we did an amazing jump for Jason the pilot... it was his 3000th hr of flight and his 3000th jump! all in the same Load... he flew us up to altitude, put his rig on, and another pilot took over and he jumped out, he made his 3000th hr after 6 minutes of that flight and then jumped out to make his 3000... omg we got like 18,500ft too... (that's the highest i've ever jumped! it was freakin awesome)

pics of all to be posted soon...

too tired right now...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A beautiful Saturday...

ROLLIN into the parking lot of the DZ just after 9am... and this is what we see... GORGEOUS!!! perfect sky, perfect temp, no winds! OMG...
Yesterday the air was so amazing... just beautiful. I can't even describe it. All day, it was like butter, gliding through, so smooth, it was just an awesome beautiful BLUE SKY skydiving day.
I got 8 in! And I even packed for myself and didnt slow myself down, so I was happy with myself for keeping up with folks!
I met some awesome new folks yesterday too... thanks JoAnn for all the email arranging and the carpooling. Can't wait for all the fun this season!
Below are some pics of me waiting for sunset load... don't worry I remembered to put my rig on fully after that first pic...

(BELOW- sun goin down... me waitin on the plane... we ended the day with a pretty good 5-way, i can post the video once jason sends it to me!)
(BELOW- wheres the plane?wheres the plane?... we wanna jump!!)