Sunday, September 28, 2008

Personality in Geography...

A lot of you know that I'm a Personality Freak... as in I LOVE MBTI and social sciences and love talking about it and learning about it...
My friend Megan was nice enough to share this article and I find it fascinating ....


VIDA Grand Opening...

As most of you know I've been teaching several gym classes a week. I've been lucky enough to be on the staff at VIDA at the verizon location as a sub instructor. The great news is that VIDA is opening another location and I am now on the permanent staff, I have a weekly class at Metropole, Wednesday's 1915, BOOTCAMP. Hehe. Should be lots of fun.

We had a staff meeting yesterday and the walk thru of the club was amazing, it's gorgeous. The grand opening party was last nite and the place had hundreds of folks walking through. I feel real lucky to be on the staff there and hope to get more classes. My new friend Steve came to the party with me, we had a good time, free food and drinks... it was fun, only got one picture the whole nite though.... well actually keep your eyes peeled, some photographer asked to take our picture on the way in for some luxury DC magazine, it was pretty funny bec he actually came and grabbed us as we were walking down the stairs to get our picture... =)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on my arm...

Saw the Neurologist today... I thought they were gonna do the nerve conduction test, but apparently that is a separate appt (next wed). She examined me, and good news is that she doesn't think there is anything wrong with my neck... she thinks there is a "stressed" or "irritated" nerve in my arm, most likely from overuse of some type of activity (dancing most likely). She said the test next week would not only confirm diagnosis but should be able to tell how badly "irritated" it is. Which will determine how long I have to rest, bec apparently rest is the treatment. She said I didn't have to stop dancing altogether though... so thats good news.

And on a side note, the PT doc said I could try to run again...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Went to the PT doc yesterday. We worked through a few things. Discovered I have scoliosis in my back, not severe, but definitely there and part of the reason my back probably has a few problems. But we're working through it, she's gonna try to get me better and back to everything I want to do.
My nerve test isn't until next wednesday, between now and then I have 3 more PT appts, so hopefully I'll be all better soon. but for now, no running and I'm supposed to rest more. I can elliptical or easy spinning, I told her I still want to be on track for the marathon at the end of OCT, so we'll see. I think i'll be ok... I can't lay around for much longer, it's killing me... next week i'm dancing... i dont care what they say! i cant take it anymore!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doc says NO TRI =( =( =(

So really bad news today.... I CAN'T race this weekend. I'm really disappointed. For those of you who don't know I was supposed to run The Nations Tri this Sunday. I ran it last year and it was amazing. This year I wanted to beat my time. I've been looking forward to it, (despite my lack of time to train in the swim).

So, Last week my right arm started to Tingle, and this morning at the Doctor, the doc said I need to go for a nerve study test thing, and until then I have to "take it easy" and I explained about the race and she basically said NO! So i'm stuck doing nothing for the next I don't know how long =(

Ok, so i'm having a pity party for myself, but come on, I really wanted to race, PLUS it cost 165 bucks in registration,

ok.. I just took the muscle relaxer for my back... time to rest!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

West Wing Tour

(Above- Cecilia, Tracy, Me and Steph.. right in front of the White House! inside the bars!!)

So today... I was lucky enough to have a friend who works for the U.S. Trade Representative at the White House, give a private tour of the West Wing, which was special bec it's not open for public tours. So pretty cool, we couldn't take any pictures inside.
But these pics are from "inside the bars" which was pretty cool... and there are a few more that i'll post once I get them from other folks' cameras.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Idiocracy Scrambles 2008 FIRST PLACE!!!

So this Wkd was the 2008 4-way Idiocracy Scrambles!! (for all my dancing friends.. that's just like a Jack and Jill competition... where we have no idea who are teammates are until they draw)

My team "Particular Individuals" named by Tony, included, Tony, Frank, Marie and myself. None of us had EVER jumped together before so we were quite surprised when we did so well. (Weelll... truthfully they were calling us a stacked team bc we all had some good flying experience... but HEY! that's not our fault we drew so well!) hehe.

Anyways... after some awesome jumping!
First round: 8pts
Second Round: 11pts
Third Round: 19pts
Fourth Round: 8pts

We WON FIRST PLACE!! and got big obnoxious medals! HAHA. I can't lie, all I wanted was this big medal to have laying around!
So Rob's Team (Full body Latte, got 2nd) and Willie's team got 3rd.. nice try guys ;) And Steve did video for "Family Style" and well we'll just not mention how they did ;)
I'm still waiting on getting video and pics of the actual jumps to post.. so stayed tuned for that!

Thanks everyone.. it was a blast!
(ABOVE- My Team- Particular Individuals- Tony, Frank, Me and Marie, bottom row, Larry and Figgs- video guys, and Franks daughter)
(ABOVE- Willie, me and Rob- Olympic Podium style with our medals!)
(ABOVE- 3--2--1) hehe
(ABOVE- Willie and I with our Brawndo!)

(ABOVE- lastly.. me in the landing area after attempting a sitfly)