Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Virginia Women's State Record!!!

(ABOVE- the girls, geared up)
(ABOVE- record formation built! i'm in the lower right corner in black and teal!)
This summer, at Skydive The Point, we attempted the women's record for the State of Virginia, and we built it on the 2nd attempt! Go chicas! =)

Reach the Beach Relay 2010

A few wkds ago, Michael and I, along with 10 more of his shipmates, ran the Reach the Beach 209mile relay race in New Hampshire. Our team raised $4,500 for Alzheimers to be able to run the race. Michael and I each ran over 20 miles of the relay. This is us at the finish line, we were exhausted!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Married... happy... back in DC...

Ok so it's been a while since i've been able to post but thats bec i've been a little busy... I got back from Afghanistan and Michael and I went straight to Vegas =) Had an awesome week, got married and spent some weeks together. It was really great. I went back to work at HQ and he got back underway on his ship...
I'm back in my old job, settling back in... I'm back working at VIDA as a Personal Trainer and teaching classes, I'll update my schedule as my classes get settled.... I'm basically working at HQ during the day, VIDA at nite and at the dz on the wkds... and with Michael anytime we can see each other when he's not underway. busy busy busy....
oh and we got a kitten! his name is Moe, he's so cute!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pics from Deployment....

(ABOVE- something special about ATFC was that we were probably the only unit in Afghanistan that had all 5 services serving within the unit itself... this was dinner one nite when we just happened to have one of each service exactly and Gunny had his camera!)
(ABOVE- prolly my favorite picture, this is me in Leatherneck, in the South of Afghanistan, holding the CG flag!)

(ABOVE- Tifanny, me, and Kalita... the ATFC girls... it was just us three for most of the time in Bagram as the girls for ATFC..., Tiff my roomie made me laugh all the time!)
(ABOVE- LTC and me... there is a story about this "thumbs down".... I will forever be known as the ATFC officer who on a big VTC (pretty much including all sorts of national level offices) gave a thumbs down when I was on camera, responding to someone... it was actually pretty funny at the time and was totally appropriate when it happened... it gave us all a laugh and LTC even mentioned it in his departing speech about me when he gave me my award.
(ABOVE- COL and I... he's awesome! really awesome O-6 to work for!)
(ABOVE- my going away shadow box with flag and coins! this was award nite... I got a DMSM! which is freakin awesome!!!!!, LTC said a lot of nice words about me which I wasnt expecting to hear, it really made me feel proud for what I had done here... )

(ABOVE- my Confirmation at EASTER!! I finally got confirmed this Easter, I'm so happy about this! Thank you for everyone for supported me thru this! My Saints name is St. Catherine Laboure! on the right is my sponsor, Kelly, he helped me thru the whole process and was very supportive!)

(ABOVE- We definitely got plenty of care packages through out the months, this one in particular is when our LTC rcvd a box of hundreds of boxes of girl scout cookies!!! omg we ate them all in like a week!)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Almost done...

Whew... what a crazy 6months in Afghanistan... wow... this is the first I've had internet to be able to post in a long time...

I'm in Al Udeid again, not quite home yet, still doing some work for my unit... but you all know I'm coming home soon... I'll post some pictures over the next few days when I have time.

I miss home so much!

Michael is also far away from home, but we will be together soon and I can't wait!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Engaged to Michael =)

(above, Michael and I after he proposed... I just got off the plane after having literally travelled around the world the past few days to get there!)

So the past week has been something completely unexpected. As everyone knows i've been deployed to Afghanistan. Last week however, very last minute my O-6 decided to send me all the way to Tampa to help train the new folks coming to our unit and to work on some support issues as well, so out of some miracle, I got flown all the way back to the states for one week. And out of complete luck, Michael had just finished his patrol and was home, he was able to come see me and we had the best week ever.... Michael proposed right on the tarmac when i came off the military rotary plane. I couldnt have been happier ...

We also got tattoos that we have been planning... we wrote each other poems and wanted to get each poem but the text was too long so we had to chop it to one line, we chose the line that Michael wrote for me, we each got it on our right calf, with each others names... I love it!