Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hell Yeah.. 1st Place at VSO!

Hell Yeah!.. not one, but TWO first place finishes this weekend at the Virginia State Open (VSO) Swing Dance Championships. Play the video above to watch the Strictly.

(above- My Jack and Jill Partner, Brian and I, with our winnings!)

Doug and I took 1st place in the Strictly Lindy Intermediate Division, and I took 1st place in the Lindy Jack and Jill Intermediate Division, with my partner Brian. Won a few bucks in the Jack n Jill, so that was cool, but totally stoked... placed first in two competitions.. I'm happy... especially since I missed the skydiving competition Saturday to stay late Friday nite and compete in the Jack and Jill (which didn't start till 0130 in the morning).

Monday, October 8, 2007

I gave in...

and finally bought an IPOD... I know *gasp* *shock* I can't believe it either. Most of you know I've cursed those things and never knew why everyone had one. I think it was because everyone I knew that had one, it always broke.. anyways.. go figure.
I decided the amount of time I sit on the damn train I needed something, its too short of time to get out my school work, and too long of time to do nothing. So I decided that since I don't watch TV anymore (not enough time because of dancing) that the IPOD is the solution, I can now catch up on my shows while on the Train =) well actually its only one show.. House. So i'm excited.
Also now that i'm off season for Tri trng, my workouts are more relaxed and I can enjoy the ipod for that too!

heres my new nano =)
oh.. and for those of you who thought it was too expensive.. the shuffle is 1GB for $80, this nano was 200 bucks, but is 8GB and has a screen, so I can watch movies and listen to music, so in perspective I thought it was a good deal =)

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Nation's Tri...

2hrs 54min 17sec =)
1500yd swim, 40k bike, 10k run

last race of the year for me... not bad.. placed 36 out of 64 women in my age group.. i'll kick butt next year =)