Sunday, April 20, 2008

hmmm... strikingly similar

hehe.. me, tracy and cecilia all sat next to each other at the diner after dancing saturday and someone was like.. hey.. you girls all look the same!... so we took a picture..
what do you think??

I think we look pretty cute =) but hey, thats just my opinion
The funnier thing is that I'm pretty sure we all follow very similarly as we dance too.. well at least tracy and ceclia are two of my favorite follows when I lead =) so that just my opinion (but doug says we all follow very similarly too!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blast from the Past...

I know most of my friends that know me from today and not from Ohio would never believe that at one point in time.. slightly embarrassed to admit that I used to be a tomboy (I know, gasp, not me, hehe) ok so I still may have some of that in me today, but at least I don't dress like that anymore...
but wow.. look at this picture... So.. do you believe this is me??so from that ... to this... needless to say everyone probably prefers the new me =)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deadline's apparently mean nothing...

So the deadline for orders was yesterday 15APR... but do I have my orders? NO!!! and as of right now.. nothing... still waiting on that phone call or email deciding my fate....

Monday, April 7, 2008

DCLX 2008!

Becca, Me, Steph... How cute are those Lindy outfits!! go trumpet skirts!
Me and Tracy

Ok, so this past weekend was RIDICULOUS! and in a good way.. dancing till 5am, (twice) ... so tired... but it was sooo much fun.
Karyn taught us the term "lindy drunk" - definition: the feeling of being drunk at 5am after dancing all nite long, but not drinking any alcohol at all.. then waking up at noon feeling hungover.
So yeah.. so we definitely got lindy drunk this weekend, it was crazy.

Here are a few pictures.. I only have pics of the girls so far.. hopefully Jeff will email a few soon so there will be more posted soon.

ok found some more pics...
Becca, Me, Deb at the group dinner!
Me and Deb-Friday nite dance
Doug, Me and Tobias, group dinner
And Saturday late nite... second nite in a row of dancing till 5am.. this was about 4am I think
me, steph, francis