Sunday, May 18, 2008

Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon


So today, I did it, I ran my first Half Marathon; and I have to say, for not really training for it, I think I did ok, by my watch, it was 2hrs 11sec. hopefully official time will put me under 2hrs.
I'm proud of myself, I'm hurting now, but it was worth it, i'm so glad I meet my goal.
This pic is me POST-RACE, so thats why I look dreary; (and yes, thats a skirt i'm wearing! convirt to skirt girls)
this was the first half for the marine corps.. it was a great race! I'll post real results and pics once I get them

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Carrie's Visit

So, my friend Carrie from the academy was up here this weekend. It was so great to see her, Carrie and I were friends at CGA and were stationed together in Alameda at MIFCPAC. In Alameda, Carrie got me into running, so she's the reason I'm in such good shape. Folks in the CG always mix us up, because apparently in uniform, when two asian girls that workout a lot and are both hard workers, and in the same unit, its too hard for people to actually tell us apart. I can sometimes tell, but really Carrie and I don't look all that alike. But I take it as a compliment when people do think we look alike =)
Thanks for visiting Carrie, have fun underway.. we'll miss you up here! come back soon!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tunnel Wkd and Raeford DZ..

This video, is John (my coach) and I playing a drill which worked on a lot of skills, This follow the leader game was a lot of fun.. and for you non-skydivers.. it's a lot harder than it looks!

So this past weekend, JennR8R and I went to Raeford, NC. It was AWESOME. We did an amazing tunnel camp at the Paraclete Tunnel, where we got 75 minutes of tunnel time (for you nonskydiving friends, thats equivalent to 75 skydives)... so yeah.. I'm beat right now. I even got one of the nicest random compliments ever.. someone was like "yeah, i've heard through the grapevine you were a good little flyer." that made my day!
I also did two jumps at Raeford DZ on friday. An 11-way track dive, and a 6-way. Both were a lot of fun. I got to meet some great people, and see old friends, it was just a lot of fun, no other way to put it.
The dance lesson at the dz got a little crazy after Kevin decided to teach another Kevin some charleston, It was pretty funny, but I enjoyed it, sorry we were only able to do some basics, next time we'll do some more fun stuff.
Here's JennR8R and I in front of the tunnel
Here's McDuck (kevin) and I..Oh... and I did my "Sonic Beef" Jump and became sonic beef #190 officially and am "Sonic Swing" =)