Tuesday, June 16, 2009

500 Baby!!


So.... FINALLY after all the hold ups, of bad weather, trips to the ER, blah blah... , I was able to make my 500th jump this past Saturday. And it rocked, I was really lucky I had a great group of friends. And Michael was even able to make it on the jump, (though against my better judgment, he jumped with a torn bicep tendon... tsk tsk tsk, which he is now sitting in surgery for, and i'm in the waiting room blogging... ) but he was DETERMINED to be on that jump with me, I couldn't stop him, luckily it all went well, we made it through the points TWICE! and no one got hurt! So I couldn't have asked for a better jump! Thanks everyone!
oh and thanks for the fabulous pie filling that i'm STILL cleaning out of my ears and clothes!!! omg!!

Give me a little bit and i'll add some video and all the pics in a slide show... here's a quick shot of what Corey did... but I still have to DL the video from my helmet =)